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The first image in a slideshow demo. ... a test simulation in JavaScript.
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Ants is a test simulation of an ant colony written in JavaScript. It demonstrates many of the capabilities for developing simulations.

  • Intuitive graphics
  • Realistic animation
  • Emergent behavior
  • User interaction
  • Flexible and intuitive metrics visulization

Whereas Excel/VBA solutions have benefits in terms of data manipulation. Web-based solutions are more deployable. Many programming languages provide similar functionality. Those that provide basic simulation features can be used to simulate and analyze complex systems.

Color board by: None Food Trail Home Trail Ants From Food Visits Ants From Home Visits


  • Select the Start Simulation button to start the ants search for food.
  • Once running, select the Stop Simulation button to pause the simulaton.
  • Select the Hide Ants button to hide the ants which speeds up the simulation.
  • Once hidden, select the Show Ants button to show the ants.
  • Drag the apple icon to move the food source.
  • Drag the hole icon to move the home base for the ants.
  • Click on the board to make barriers that will make the ants try to find ways around them.
  • Click on a barrier square to remove it.
  • Click on the Remove All Barriers button to remove all barriers.
  • Select a Color board by: option to color the board by various statistics.
  • Select the Reset Visit Stats to reset the ant visit count statistics on the board.
  • Use the browser's page refresh control to restart the simulation.
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