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The first image in a slideshow demo. ... the bounds of off-the-shelf solutions.
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Commercial analysis tools do a great job of shouldering the heavy burden of data collection and analysis, but often at the expense of trapping you in their paradigms. No matter what general functionality they offer, you are constricted by their boundaries.

Using a variety of coding tools, coupled with many years of experience, Think Tank Enterprises, Inc. can free you from the analysis barriers obstructing the road to your success.

System Engineering Example 1

This is a simple example of a flow analysis tool. Any process that passes data or objects between systems can be represented by a flow analysis tool. A common example is data flowing between data processing systems. Think Tank Enterprises, Inc. can build tools like this that fit your process. Common features include:

  • Automated routing between nodes (For example: Djaikstra's algorithm).
  • Volume loading from external data sources.
  • Interactive elements that allow you to query the objects on the screen.
  • Additional graphical annotations to display different metrics about the system.
System Engineering Example 2

This is one example of a derivative view of the previous example. This sequence diagram can be generated automatically from the flows shown in the previous diagram. We strive to present data in various visual formats to facilitate communication and understanding between business and engineering elements within your organization.

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