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Think Tank Enterprises, Inc.


Think Tank Enterprises, Inc. is committed to providing custom solutions to significantly streamline routine or complex data processing. Of special interest are challenges in producing final reports and analyses tailored to particular needs that are beyond the scope of commercial tools.

Commercial tools, whether they be data bases, network management systems, manufacturing control systems or anything that manages a lot of data are like mass transportation. They do a great job on the long haul but fall short on the last mile. You can fly across the country in a few hours, but it may still be a long walk from the airport to home. That's where Think Tank Enterprises, Inc. enters. When your commercial tools have saved you thousands of hours collecting and processing data but you still have hundreds left to go to extract the essential business knowledge from that data, contact Think Tank Enterprises, Inc. for the custom solution to get you to your destination.

Think Tank Enterprises, Inc. provides consulting services on a time and material basis to develop custom data processing systems. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in modeling, systems engineering, software development, telecommunications and physics we can help you solve your most pressing data manipulation problems.

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